About Fields Piano Used Piano Store

Many would-be musicians and composers have despaired of owning a fine instrument such as a Steinway, from the zenith of their line, the Spirio, to the more affordable Boston or Essex models. These musical talents recognize and acknowledge that to perform at their best, they need to possess the finest musical instrumentation made. At Field’s Pianos, we can bring tomorrow’s musical greats one step closer to achieving their dream of Steinway ownership.

Here at the Fields Piano showroom, we offer an ever-changing selection of these superb used pianos. When you visit our showroom, you can expect to be treated as the valuable commodity that you are, someone who appreciates the superior hand craftsmanship that resonates within every Steinway. Our showroom professionals are here to assist you in the selection of your ideal instrument to enable you to continue on your path to achieving your musical goals.

You may have found your way to our showroom, by searching online for ‘used piano dealers near me’ or ‘used piano store santa ana.’ At the Field’s showroom, we prefer the term ‘pre-owned.’ When our professionals acquire a piano that has had a prior life, we take great pains to recondition it to the showroom in new condition. Steinways are universally recognized for their impeccable hand-craftsmanship that endures. Purchasing a Steinway with a ‘history’ is not like buying a used car with a limited remaining lifespan. Instead, if properly maintained, a previously owned Steinway will have possibly many future generations of music, life, and exquisite beauty remaining. In short, a well-cared-for Steinway of any vintage will have maintained its quality well.

Fields Piano’s professionals understand that purchasing a pre-owned Steinway or other used piano brands is an investment. The cost of a pre-owned Steinway will vary markedly depending on its type, upright, grand, or baby grand, among other factors. Typically you may expect to pay 30% to 70% less than the cost of a similar Steinway model. Additionally, visitors will find that we offer payment plans to assist musical artists in the pursuit of their goals. So now that you know there is no need to Google ‘used piano dealers near me’ or ‘used piano store santa ana.’

Just schedule an appointment to be introduced to your next, and possibly most important musical acquisition -your pre-owned and pre-loved Steinway.