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All of our used pianos shown here are Premium Pre-Owned pianos, and all come with a warranty.

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Steinway ownership has long been a desire for many accomplished pianists. At a certain point in life, it may even become a bucket list item. The dream of owning a superb, hand-crafted, Steinway baby grand or upright does not have to remain a vision, however. For those seeking used Steinway pianos in Southern California, there is no better source than Fields Pianos in Santa Ana. Here the previously unattainable becomes a distinct possibility through the purchase of a pre-owned (and, as we prefer to view it, ‘pre-loved’) Steinway.

When seeking a used Steinway piano for sale, there are several options. For example, one can scour newspaper adverts, or contact a music school. Neither of these possibilities is likely to yield an instrument that is of premium quality, nor likely to come with a warranty, as you’ll find every day at Fields Pianos. We want you to feel confident about your decision and will work with you to achieve your quest to make your selection from among the best used Steinway pianos in Santa Ana.

As you might expect, our inventory is ever-changing, so if you are seeking a specific model, such as a grand Steinway Model A, Model L (including limited editions), or Model M, or an upright such as the Steinway K52, 1098, or Essex, we will gladly assist you to achieve your objective. The advantage of buying a used Steinway is cost – our selections are offered at a great, competitive value. In addition, we offer payment plans so that every musical artist, and student, can possess their own cherished Steinway.

Accept our invitation to schedule your appointment. You are one step closer to making your dream your reality. Contact us today!